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Nothing can ever separate us from his love." -Romans 8:38 Have you
ever been in a situation where you felt that the wrong-doing you
committed was so great that it was beyond God's forgiveness? Perhaps
you told a horrible lie about someone, which then caused them to be
looked down upon? Or maybe you stole from your employeer, had an
abortion, committed adultery, or harbored hatred for a former friend who
betrayed you? Whatever the reason, the Bible tells us that nothing can
separate God's love from His children. We are to ask God's merciful
forgiveness, repent and continue on to be the purified sons and
daughters of Christ He calls us to be. If you are already a Christian,
and you have been carrying the heavy burden of sin upon your back, know
that God is ready, willing and able to take you back in to His gentle
and loving arms. If you have not yet made that commitment, today is the
day to start upon a new path; one that leads to your salvation!

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