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"Tears are one of the most meaningful Liquid" Want to know why? because out of many Liquids here in the world, onLy tears can expLain the real meaning of pain.."

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Life is Like a Bible,
everyday is a new page,
with LesSons to Learn,
Adventures to tell
and tales of good deeds
to remember,
have a nice chapter today!
Good Morning!!!

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"Braintwister" please arrange this scrambled word " N R A I T C 0 M" clue: if you love someone you will never forget this word. I'll wait for your answer...

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Anagrams... What happens if we rearrange the Letters of the following words? Let's see...

DORMITORY - dirty room
DESPERATION - a rope ends it
THE EYES - they see
ASTRONOMER - moon starer
MOTHER-IN-LAW - woman hitler
ELEVEN PLUS TWO - twelve plus one
ELECTION RESULTS - lies, lets recount
Amazing isnt it?!ö,

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"Not everything
that makes us happy
is right..
but for sure,
there will come a time
when everything
that is right,
will make us happy"..

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in lyf is

nt happiness
bt GODliness

nt reputation
bt character

nt wealth
bt virtue

nt fame
bt faith

nt d
of man

but of G0D.

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It’s better to
wait for years
for that
someone u are
sure of,

than to grab
that chance with
someone who
picks u up but
drop u whenvr
he/she wants to..

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No matter what
we’ve gone through
in the past,

TODAY is a NEW day.

And God will do a new
thing in our lives for He has great things
in store for us.

Go beyond the barriers of the past.
We are not victims anymore.
We are victors.

Be blessed.

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yOur smile is 0ne
0f the mOst impOrtAnt part
Of yOur persOnAlity, it is a
mirrOr thAt reflects the gOoD
things inside Of yOu,
sO, keep smiling, God bless c”j)

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Isang araw..

naglayas ak0..
at nabig0..

iniwan at
walang dumamay..

at lumaban..

Galing n0h?

isang araw lang
lahat ng iy0n!ü